Offering integrated service for Chinese students wishing to study at a top UK school or university.


Promoting East-West integration in knowledge and skills through purpose built training programmes.


Fostering mutual understanding and collaboration between UK and China young people.


Serving as a link, a facilitator and a catalyst, to promote UK-China trade and investment.

Live our dreams, no matter how far it may take us...

Dream is where our heart longing for, and is the index of how great we are. There is nothing like dream to create the future. Live Our Dreams is an alliance of people who believe in the beauty of their dreams. It is created to serve and empower young people to pursue their passion and dreams through Education, Training, Exchange and Business activities...

Main Categories

Education Programme

The hope and dreams of our children are blueprint of our future for which edu
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Training Programme

More and more Chinese companies nowadays realise that corporate training insp
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Exchange Programme

The world has never been so interconnected. As a result, we have never been s
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Business Programme

Steady Chinese middle-class growth and enormous increase in Chinese purchasin
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UK-China Business

  • UK-China Trade and Investment

    We aim to work alongside UKTI and CBBC in promoting UK-China bilateral trade and investment. We will serve as a link, a facilitator and a catalyst to help business entrepreneurs, importers and exporters both in the UK and China to identify business gaps and market niches, and forge business alliance between UK and China. Read More
  • UK-China Business Summit

    Business Summit serves as a vehicle and an instrument to our firm commitment to knowledge, expertise and business exchange and collaborations between UK and China. All business summits have two tiers – Knowledge & Expertise Exchange and B2B Business Matching. Read More
  • China Shipping Business

    With wealth of expertise and business connections of our shipping business partner, an internationally recognised shipbroking house specialising in dry-cargo shipping services, we aim to serve as a part of Chinese trading bloc to improve Chinese livelihood through channeling international maritime business in London. Read More

Our Value

Committed to East-West integration in knowledge and skills. Live Our Dreams serves as a platform and a channel to reinforce collective efforts between the UK and China.

Our Motto

Care deeply, give freely, think kindly, act gently and be at peace with the world, for this is the Spirit of Love.

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